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To illustrate this point with another instance, state you were taking a picture of your son playing in the snow. You are shooting him from underneath because it’s cold out, however you want to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm for your son so he will stand out in the crowd of kids at the park who are wearing their snow gear. To be able to accomplish this, you’d want to put a large light in the background behind your son to help him stand out from the audience.

A popular preset is one called snow and ice blue. This is one of the most well-liked preset choices since it’s visually stunning and incredibly pleasing to the eye. The colour combination chosen is a warm colour like blue along with a wonderful trendy tone of snowy blue, which is complimented by a tiny hint of green overlaid on the blue.

If you try to have a shot in bad lighting conditions, you are likely to get underexposed pictures that have no colour. Try to shoot your images outdoors when the sun is at its strongest. The golden rule is to always use the sun in its brightest. Try not to 34 Best FREE Lightroom Snow use the aperture settings in your camera to slow down the shutter speed unless you’re completely sure you could keep the camera secure and give the vulnerability a good exposure.

A fantastic quality of the lightroom blue preset is that it allows you to adjust the blur and depth of the picture, which means you can control how much blue or snow is in the picture. You can make the picture look as much or as little dark or light as you would like it to. There are two methods to apply this preset. The first method is to make a photograph of an ice hockey game and then edit it with the grey-scale tool in Photoshop to remove all of the scratches and lines.

The second way to utilize the lightroom blue filter would be to take an image of a new born baby. In this setup I’d simply turn to the” thickness ” function and place the white-point at around six thousand kelvins. This gives the final result a beautiful soft look with the infant breathing in the blue atmosphere. I shoot a lot of photos featuring babies, but nothing has captured my heart the way the newborns do!

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